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Calgary's Free Christmas photos event

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Thank You Calgary For A Wonderful 2016! Looking Forward To Seeing You Again In 2017!  

Free Family Christmas Photos at Olympic Plaza

Born and raised in Calgary, I have seen over the years how this city rises and falls with the oil and gas industry. With the recent recession I wanted to figure out a way to give back to our city in need. There is always something wonderfully cheesy about Family Christmas Photos that are unique and timeless. I want to be able to provide these opportunities for any family in our city.

I am planning on being at the Plaza this Saturday and Sunday, as well as both days next weekend. I’d love to be able to capture every family that would like to take advantage of this opportunity. The plan is to not have you sign up prior with an email, but rather have you meet me at the Plaza, where my girlfriend and I will write down your information and hand you a numbered card, which will reference your photos for delivery.

Hop on the bus or train and come down for some fun! Hope to see you there!

Happy Holidays from Bear 'N Tree!

Benjamin Logan Photography